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bronze brass cast iron

GATE VALVES bronze brass and cast iron

You could chose among gate valves in different materials (bronze, brass and cast iron). Available in different versions threaded, flanged or butterfly and in different measurers for different applications.

They can be used in a wide variety of sectors: heating, air conditioning, irrigation and sanitary systems and generally with any non- corrosive liquid. Gate valves can be horizontally or vertically installed. The slow and proportional manoeuvre avoid the water hammer phenomenon. Pay attention during the installation phase, especially for the small size ones, avoid forcing the pipe screwing in order not to deform the sealing seats. Gate valves can also work at an intermediate position of the opening, so as to reduce the flow into pipes.


A regular maintenance program is the most efficient method to ensure a long term efficiency of your gate valve. The program should include a risk assessment and a planned procedure of how the maintenance will be carried out.
The correct fitting tools and equipment should be used for valve maintenance. Separate means of draining the pipe work must be provided when carrying out any maintenance to valves. Where there may be any system debris this could be collected and/or filtered by installation of the appropriate protective device.

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