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Foot valves are monodirectional devices that prevent the backflow of fluid under pressure.They allow the filtering of the fluid in which they are immersed, for this reason they are normally used in hot and cold water suction systems from wells or storage and in general hydraulic systems.
This valve can be only vertically installed since the seal is obtained by gravity and not by a spring. Thanks to its cylindrical geometry, this valve is suitable to be installed into tanks.

Minimum and maximum working temperatures: 0°C – 90°C.
ISO228 threaded connections (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228).

: Brass cilindric foot valve

Non-return valves are one-way valves; which means they allow the fluid to go in one direction only; they must therefore be mounted in the way that the arrow on the body is in the same direction as the fluid.

For the installation normal hydraulic practices must be carried out, and especially:
– For a proper installation of the valve, near curves and circulation pumps, the valve must be mounted at a distance equal to 10 times the diameter of the pipe;
– The application of the fixing material (PTFE, hemp) must be limited to the area of the thread, an excess could compromise the functionality of the valve;
– In the event that the fluid contains impurities (dirt, dust, excessive water hardness) these must be removed or filtered because they could compromise the functionality of the valve.

To remove the valve from the line or in any case before unscrewing the joints connected to it:
– Wear the protective clothing normally required to work with the fluid contained in the line;
– Depressurize the line;
– During disassembly, apply the key to the end of the valve closest to the pipe.

For valve operating with hazardous liquids (toxic, corrosive…) , if there is a possibility of residue remaining in the valve, take due safety precaution and carry out required cleaning operation. Personnel in charge must be trained and equipped with appropriate protection devices. Prior to disposal, disassemble the valve and separate the component according to various materials. Please refer to product literature for more information. Forward sorted material to recycling (e.g. metallic materials) or dispose it, according to local and currently valid legislation taking into consideration the environment.

Performance data, including pressure – temperature ratings have been developed from published standards, supplier material certifications, design calculations and in-house testing. They cover typical applications and are provided as a general guideline.