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Water and heating ball valves

Water and heating ball valves, available in different materials (brass and cast iron).

You could chose among different versions and measures suitable for different applications.

Ball valves are bi-directional, they could handle the flow in both directions. It is important to verify the valves periodically to make sure that the valve is in good working conditions. The valve is supplied at opening position. The opening and the closing are made by a 90° rotation of the handle. The ball valve is an interception valve and not a regulation one, therefore it must be completely opened or closed; if left at an intermediate position, seals could be damaged. Only ifyou have to empty the pipe system, to prevent from frost problems, the valve must be opened at an intermediate position (45°) up to the complete discharge of the liquid, after that the valve could be fully opened. It is suggested not to use the valve for liquids with abrasive suspensions.

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