Project Description



Maximum working temperature: 80°C
Preassure: Upstream: max 10 bar
Downstream: from1 to 4 bar

601: “MIGNON”, nickeled plated

Installation and subsequent interventions on the product must be carried out by qualified personnel, with suitable instruments.

Pressure reducers are not affected by gravity and can be installed in any position.
Pressure reducers can be damaged by impurities present in the system; for this reason it is recommended to install a filter (items 411-412-411CM-412CM) upstream of the pressure reducer, in order to protect all other downstream devices (thermostatic mixers, taps, showers, etc.).
In the presence of a heater in the downstream system, it is possible that anomalies may occur in the operation of the pressure reducer due to the increase in pressure consequent to the increase in water temperature; by installing an expansion tank between the boiler and pressure reducer this problem is eliminated. Finally, it is recommended to insert an anti-water hammer device in the system in order to avoid sagging in the internal components of the pressure reducer.
Use with treated water may cause unexpected corrosion and breakage.

For valve operating with hazardous liquids (toxic, corrosive…) , if there is a possibility of residue remaining in the valve, take due safety precaution and carry out required cleaning operation. Personnel in charge must be trained and equipped with appropriate protection devices. Prior to disposal, disassemble the valve and separate the component according to various materials. Please refer to product literature for more information. Forward sorted material to recycling (e.g. metallic materials) or dispose it, according to local and currently valid legislation taking into consideration the environment.

Performance data, including pressure – temperature ratings have been developed from published standards, supplier material certifications, design calculations and in-house testing. They cover typical applications and are provided as a general guideline.